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Welcome to Honeydew! I've been playing Catz/dogz off and on since the late 90's and I've just recently gotten back into it! This site is still a WIP, but I hope you'll come back to see what gets added in the future! 

Latest Updates:


01/30/21: Ahh I'm sorry for the lack of updates! I would say I've been busy but I was honestly just playing animal crossing and working on art 😂 I'll try to have some more adoptables soon! I'd also like to try some grab bags/mystery adoptions!


01/03/21: Finally added some adoptions to the singles page! Hopefully someone catches your eye! 


01/01/21: Happy New Years everyone! There's a new litter up on the litter page! I hope everyone has a great year and that it's a little easier than last!


12/21/20: Added two new litters! Also added a few new crew members! The rules for adoptions have been updated and now there's no limits on how many petz you can adopt from the same litter! <3

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